Superb owl tattoos to feed the element of mystery

There is something captivating about Owls. Their odd and mysterious ways have an element of enigma to it. No doubt cutting across the cultures, the people regard them with fear or deference. Some of the tattoos are very amazing and many people have got them done in 3D image. Here let us have a look at a few of them.

Owl face

Owl face tattoos

Image Source : CreativeFan.Com

For those who want to project the darker forces of nature and bundle up their own personality with mystery, then a wilder look for the tattoo is preferred. The most common motif is the face of an owl in likeness of a tiger looking straightforward. A pair of orange colored scornful eyes peering out at you amid a fluff of brown feathers is the ideal look.

Owl and mount

Owl and mount

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This motif features a full-bodied owl looking straightforward with its legs either resting on the mount or simply clawing forward. The mount in this case can be either a human skull or a bear. The idea behind the motif is to project savage strength of the owl as is suggested by similar motifs showing the eagle on the American Presidential Seal.

Girl’s owl tattoos

Girl’s owl tattoos

Image Source : Buzzle.Com

Some girls too like to have owl tattoo on their bodies but are put off by harsh designs like those ones discussed above. They therefore have an option of more girly ones and done in tints of soft colors.

The motifs of roses, moon and even heart are used as complementary to the central figure of an owl featuring soft glowing eyes and mellowed expressions. A combination of colors like blue, pink and light green completes the whole picture. Sometimes just a small tattoo right on the proximal phalanx finger makes for an interesting decoration in place of a finger ring.

Retro styles

Retro styles

Image Source : CdnInstagram.Com

Some people get their owl tattoos in retro styles to capture the mood of the present lifestyle. Some people use Inspiration from Cubism, Orphism, abstract expressionism and even steam punk to give a unique look to the tattoo.

Owl and landscape

Owl and landscape tattoos

Image Source : DigitalHint.Net

For some just tattooing, an owl in isolation may not be enough. A whole fairytale like landscape braiding a story is got tattooed on to the body. An owl, seated on a tree with the moon waxing far off in a distance on a star-studded sky brings in a whole world of mystery before the beholder.

So if you find any of the above tattoos captivating enough, go and have your take. These trending tattoos will definitely become centre of admiration among your friends.

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