Study says Body Piercing is More Infection Prone than Tattooing

infection prone than tattooing 49
According to dermatology study by Northwestern University of Chicago professor Ann Laumann, about 1 out of 3 young adults wear tattoos.

– If we calculate the percentage of the total number of tattooed persons in a particular age group then it is 21-32 years old group, which has 36% of tattoos and whole group of 18-50 have 24% of tattoos.

ankle and back tattoo 49

– Preferred places to tattoo by women are ankle (27 %), upper back (25 %), small of the back (18 %), hips and buttocks (15 %).

biceps tattoo 49

– Preferred places by men to tattoo are arm (75 %), shoulder (34 %), legs (25 %) and chest (17 %)

Tattooing is less prone to infection with 13% chances, while piercing has 23% risk involved.

– Cause behind favoring inking is different for different people, as if 58 % said they have been in prison, 37 % drank too much and 38 % admitted to doing drugs.

The study was conducted over five hundred people who aged 18-50. So, what are you deciding to go in for tattooing or body piercing!


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