Steve-O inking gang tattoo


The madly-tattooed TV stuntman and Jackass star Steve-O is inking his stomach with the notorious Crips and Bloods rival California gangs tattoo showing an image of hands locked. And you may wonder who’s doing this deadly job. The artist is none other than the inker behind 50 Cent. Though 50 Cent’s ad, with his naked tattooed back, promoting his latest movie ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ is banned, God knows what future holds for Steve-O…though he’s used to all this mess.

He says, “It’s either a sign of peace or an act of suicide. It’s a blood hand lock.”

Check out his interview at bmezine, taken by none other than the Lizardman, before concluding anything nasty. And also feed on his full back tattoo above, which he claims would have entered the Guinness Book of World Record for the “largest self-portrait tattoo”, if he ever contacted. His dumb tattoos will spin your mind.

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