Stephen’s Remarkable Social Service Through Tattoo

I never thought that tattooing could be a source of social services too. This weekend Stephen Grady and Twin City Tattoos are going to make a record for the longest tattooing session of more then 42 hours and 10 minutes. They are not doing this for the sake of fame but on the way to raise money for the Albury Base Hospital children’s ward.

While Stephen Grady sits in a shop enduring 43 hours of pain, a crowd is expected to cheer and bid outside to raise money for this cause. They have raised $2500 and plan to secure more from an auction at the Wodonga Termo Hotel site, near Twin City Tattoos, on Saturday about 1pm.

I am very happy to see this that in todays ‘I first approach’ world there are people like Grady. I pray to god that he raise a lots and lots of money for this cause.


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