Stephen Hawking Tattoo-Tribute or inspiration?

hawking uRl8J 1822

Who doesn’t know about the eminent scientist Stephen Hawking? A great person whose illness never hindered his great works! Meet a ‘science fan’ Jack Newton who has got Stephen Hawking’s likeness tattooed on his leg in tribute to the world famous physicist. Don’t misunderstand me guys, the scientist is still rolling on. 🙂

It’s a cool tattoo by Stewart Francis. There is a face of this world famous scientist inked along with a Monty Python line from the classic Life of Brian film ‘He’s not the messiah. Jack, got himself inked at the Angelic Hall tattoo studios in Brighton. Stephen Hawking is surely an inspiration for many of us. Its indeed an inspirational tat! Correct me if I’m wrong.

Via: Geekologie

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