So you have two eyes..oops three?

cyclop zBIkC 1822

God has given us two eyes, two ears, one nose…What if he gave us three eyes. May sound weird to some and cool to others. I’m well aware of the fact that we can’t have three eyes but ask tattoo fanatics and they will say, why not, get an eye inked. As simple as that! Pinned below are some really cool eye tats and I’m sure by the time you check out the last tat, you too would sport a third eye!

tatt eye UHhbF 1822
dcs new tatt KdDh4 1822
dm4647ec5arj2 uIaTt 1822
enrique110803b nNgoV 1822
137 tattoo0827 rfP2F 1822
34094 2 468 g7kwd 1822
david cook eye tattoo Cqjip 1822

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