Sexiest rib side tattoos for girls

While fashion today is about making and projecting a sexy image, tattooing is one of the ways to do that. Choosing the right design and location is very important for getting the right tattoo.

Among all the appealing places to make a tattoo, rib side is one of the sexiest places to make a tattoo. Rib side tattoos looks good on girls, and work exceedingly well with feminine motifs. Below are few intriguing rib side designs to know before you actually make it.

Stylish quotes on rib side

Stylish quotes on rib side

Image Source : Slodive.Com

Words have the ability to shape our thoughts. With stylish quotes on rib side, you will manage to attract all the eyes. With this tattoo, you can tell people what are your beliefs in life. While this tattoo is simple yet stylish, making it is also less painful, as you just have to write few lines on your rib. Moreover, you can little girly design to make it more feminine or to match your personality.

Feather tattoo

Feather rib side tattoo

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Feather tattoo has many meanings. While in some countries, feathers represent power of thunder Gods, some other means you are more truthful and innocence than other. While making a feather tattoo, you must know the purpose of making it, as every tattoo has some meaning behind its making. Just make it on the rib for sexier and feminine look.

Skull with flowers

Skull with flowers

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

With this beautiful design, you are not just getting a sexy design on your rib, but telling world about the sweet and sour relationship of life and death. While flowers surround skull, it represents that with life comes death. Nobody can live forever, as a person who is born has to die. Making it more colorful will make it more appealing, so consider making it colorful for making it more happening.

Shiny stars

Shiny stars

Image Source : ThisGirlsCity.Com

Stars are sign of hope. Tattooing stars means either your life is changing or you are dreaming of achieving higher goals in life. Making stars on rib side is quite sexy, as it rises up from waist towards your rib side. You can make a single star or many falling downwards or rising upwards. Stars looks amazing, whatever way you ink it.

As tattooing has been serving us since forever, we are still following this trend. While there are variety of designs and colors to make it, choosing the beat is essential to get one of your kinds. Choose right location and right design, as it is going to stay with you forever.

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