Selecting a great tattoo and the right placement

Some people really like modifying their bodies one way or the other. Tattoos are a great way to bring about some change, and even as a medium of expression. A tattoo can stay with you forever, and the medium is very important for some people as a way of telling their story, expressing a life event, or just showing who they are.


Tattoos can also be a spiritual symbol and have more importance than just random ink on the body. A tattoo like that could provide a person inner and outer harmony allowing him to live a peaceful life.

Collecting ink on body is great, but the placement and design of the tattoo are essential factors that one must decide in advance. Selecting a perfect place to ink a tattoo is necessary, as it is going to be on you for the rest of your life. If you are planning to get a tattoo but confused about the place and design, then following few tips can surely help.

Shoulder back

Shoulder back tattoo

Shoulder back is a perfect place for a girl who wants to get a tattoo. A simple quote or a butterfly on the back of your shoulder gives you a pretty and seductive look. Wearing off-shoulder or backless dresses will allow you to show off your tattoo completely.



Tattoos placement is important as it reveals the personality of the person. Tattoo on neck means that you are the kind of person who does not really care about how others might judge you. If you are a kind of that person who does not care about what other people are saying, then tattooing on neck is best. Pattern of stars on the neck makes it more gorgeous.



A tattoo on a spine is really a hard job to do. A tattoo on spine looks sexy, but is quite painful. If you think you are able to bear the pain that comes along with this tattoo, then you can go for this pretty tattoo. Few lines that show the story of your life or indicates some important event of your life is a perfect design to be on spine.


A tattoo is a perfect partner for any person that stays with him until forever. A great tattoo is one, which has captivating design and is on the right place from where you can show off it to the world.

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