Sailor Jerry old school tattoo

sailor tattoo

Tattoos may have become a trend now but the fact is that they are used in decorating body parts since ages. With new and new designs emerging now and then, we have special designs of tattoos that belong to first half of the 20th century which are famously known as traditional or old school tattoos.

These traditional tattoo designs are inked with prominent black lines with no or very little colors in them. Most of the traditional tattoos specify patriotic themes that were popular among sailors, and Sailor Jerry is one popular tattoo amongst them. The old school tattoos can be easily figured out with their thick borders and minimal usage of colors.

Well, this specific traditional tattoo seems to be of a sea bird and also has enough bright colors in its wings. The fact that old school tattoos have very less colors in them is due to the lack of unavailability of tools and inks long back. But now with both in abundance and new technology tattoo art is definitely setting new trends in fashion everyday.

Source: tatoostribal

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