Rhys Ifans gets a ‘swallow’ tattoo like Sienna!

rhys ifans
Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans may have denied their love rumors but their friendship seems too be growing and the pair seems to be inseparable. If you remember Sienna has a swallow tattoo and the buzz is that Rhys has also got one. Both of them now have the swallow tattoo on their wrists.

Sienna was caught admiring the tattoo on Rhys’s arm as they left the Dublin tattoo parlor. Sienna, who was recently in news after her row with Kate Moss. Sienna’s ex-boyfriend Jamie Burke too visited a tattoo parlor with her while shooting for ‘Factory Girl’. Well, it seems it is her normal routine to take her close friends to tattoo parlors. Let’s see who is next!

Source: Dailymail

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