Painlessly humrous tattoo!

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Each one of us face ups and downs in life. Indeed there are two ways to look at life, either you crib/complain or you give it a humorous touch. For example, a man was going bald, just where the hair loss was maximum he got a person pushing a lawn mower etched. Now check out the tattoo pictured above. Isn’t it funny? Arm pit is the most sensitive part to be waxed and a gal got tattoo there. I wonder how much pain she went through. Now clap your eyes once again in the tattoo above, there is some red mark on forehead part of this gal. Quite possible she got some scratch mark while getting waxed, so she thought of getting that part etched. Whatever be the reason to get etched, the tat is simply humorous. Call it scary, weird, funny or cool, it’s your take after all everyone has a viewpoint!

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