Nintendo Power Glove Tattoo: The big daddy of gaming tattoos!

nintendo power glove tattoo
Tattoos are considered as a great tool for body modification and often reflect the inborn instinct of the person wearing them. Your tattoo speaks about your personality. So, it won’t come as a surprise if someone labels you as a gaming freak just by looking at this giant Nintendo Power Glove tattoo on your body.

This huge tattoo was inked by Myck McClung at Three Saints Tattoo in Pensacola, Florida. McClung toiled for exactly four hours using a 5 liner and a 7 mag needles to jot this tattoo on his apprentice Mike Gill.

The giant tattoo reflects a unique intensity with the perfect blend of totally different colours. The religiously done lightning effect is excellent while the glove itself displays a sense of power and control. The boldly sketched text further adds to the ferocious nature of this tattoo.

The Nintendo Power Glove Tattoo is a bad-to-the-bone tattoo designed for the gaming freaks who always crave to be one-up on their competitors.

The power of this ultimate gaming tattoo is unbeatable.


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