Nikki Sixx gets a new tattoo of bandmate

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We all know that Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue bassist and tattoo artist Kat Von D have been dating for several months. And now Sixx has got a killer portrait of band mate Mick Mars on the left leg. It’s a mysterious Crue guitarist Kat Von D tattoo, along with the numbers 1313 according to Blabbermouth.

In his blog Sixx described the tattoo as a “killer portrait” of his band mate and wrote:

Katherine tattooed a killer portrait of Mick Mars on my leg and we got to surprise him with it at the Los Angeles Crüe Fest show. It was a pretty emotional roller-coaster ride to share the whole experience with Katherine, from the beginning of the idea to the end when we finally show Mick.

Via: gigwise, bumpshack

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