New F-2 Tattoo Ink Can be Easily Removed with Laser

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Tattoos are real in thing these days. Whether young or adult every one wants some splash of color on their skin. About 15 to 24 percent of the American population has tattoo. People want a tattoo but with that, they also want an option to remove it when it becomes old fashioned or put the wearer in an awkward situation.

Tattoo can be removed with laser but it is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, the maker of NEW FREEDOM-2 LLC (F-2) claim that the ink can be removed very easily in one sitting which costs around $ 1000. This is very economical as compared to conventional ink removal process, which costs about $ 5000 to $10,000 and requires 6 to 12 sittings.

tattoo removal f 2 49

A team of scientists and doctors of Harvard and Duke Universities develop the ink. People and tattoo artists’ are not ready to try the product, as they do not want to risk themselves with this new creation, as they are doubtful about it.

Tattoo artists and people are doubtful about the durability and shine of the ink. The same question might be pricking your mind while you read this article. To assure you the makers of F-2 says that the ink is safer and permanent than the conventional inks. ‘The ink uses biocompatible compounds approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use in orthopedics, plastic surgery and orthodenture,’ said a statement on the company’s website.

The ink will be available next year and the company is targeting tattoo parlors in cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

However, the ink makers are very sure about this ink to be a big hit but tattoo artist hold a repelling attitude towards it.

“Is someone going to spend $500 for a tattoo, and it’s going to last only three years?” asked Keith Marchand, owner of Acute Body Arts in the Quinebaug section of Thompson. “I sure as hell wouldn’t.”

I cannot make a clear decision about the durability and freshness of the ink on skin as it is yet a mystery, which has time to come in reality in front of us. In case if this ink is true with its introduction then I would say it will be the first choice the tattoo wearers as well as the tattoo artists.

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