Monitor your diabetes with a tattoo!

diabetes tattooNow, this one is a very special tattoo. People suffering from diabetes are always advised not to go for the needle work on their skins. But very soon they will be able to do it in style.

Though the phenomenon was introduced way back in 2002, it’s still under progress. The tattoo made of polyethylene glycol beads coated with fluorescent molecules was developed to track glucose level in the patient’s body. The low level of glucose is indicated by the high fluorescence as these molecules are displaced by glucose. The polymer molecules injected under the skin remain in the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells.

The patients can monitor their glucose levels round the clock and get rid of the painful finger-prick devices they are fed up of. But make sure to avoid sun exposure and thus better mark these smart tattoos on abdomen or arm only.

Via: BBC

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