Melting your X-Tattoo

x tattoo
Erica Howell inked her left arm with a Star of David to look sexy and to add more colors to her life, Right! But now, all that pride has melted and she’s repenting for the tattoo. Why?

I always cover it up anyway, because I’ve been threatened a lot by bigots when they see it. I’m a little afraid,” Howell said. “I think this was the biggest mistake that I ever made, because people view you as a nice girl until they see the tattoo. Then their perception changes.

Huh! The same old story, and to spill some water on the fire instigated by White supremacists, Phoenix, Arizona has started the X-TATTOO: Tattoo Removal Program. The program, launched in 1994, aims at helping youth to dissolve their prison and gang tattoos. But now people like Howell, who’re forced by ill perceptions of society, too are taking its help.

Stacia Holmes, X-TATTOO’s coordinator, says:

Let’s face it, we’ve all done things as teens that we regret later. But these are mistakes that can cost young adults jobs or even put them in danger if rival gang members see their old gang tattoos and retaliate. That’s why programs like these are needed.

In this part of the country, tattoos are still a taboo and the proof is that around 250 people participate in X-TATTOO removal program annually. Why not, after all there are more than 250 gangs and about 7,300 documented gang members in Phoenix.


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