Mathematics Mania: Greek Pi tattoo

pitattoo 001 EoASR 1822

How can people be so studious? I mean how can one love subjects like mathematics and science? Phobia for few and mania for others! Check out the pi-tat pictured above. Adorned by Patrick Bahis, (Mathematics professor at a public liberal arts college) this is the Greek pi surrounded by few turns of a spiral made up of the first 95 digits of the value for the irrational number pi (3.14159265…). He already has few cool tats on his body but he missed a tat related to his discipline which was the reason why he got his first math-themed tattoo. It’s as simple, if you have mathematics phobia, you won’t get this kinda tat on your body but if you’ve mathematics mania, you’ll simply love wearing it!


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