Mamma’s boy: Justin Bieber gets his mother’s eyeball tattoo

The teenager Canadian pop star has recently exposed his bare body on Instagram displaying his newly carved artwork. The tattoo artwork has been placed on the left arm of Justin. The tattoo is nothing but an impression of the eyeball and the eyelashes of his mother Pattie Mallette. This is confirmed from the black and white image of an eye shared in Instagram along with the picture of Justin with the tattoo on his arm.

Justin being very fond of his mother believes his mother to be with him always blessing him towards success. So he has put the artwork as a token of love and respect towards his mother. Justin feels that his mother watches him every time and everywhere so he has preferred an eye of his mother.


Along with the tattoo of Justin’s mother, he has also carved few other impressions on his arm. Those artworks include the word “BELIEVE”,a knight in full-body armor standing in front of a castle, and a tiger with opened mouth. Justin also shared on Instagram the tattoo credit goes to the Bang Bang tattoo artists.

The Bang Bang tattoo artist who is given the complete credit by Justin in Instagram has also posted a picture in the Instagram account of the tattoo shop with the caption “Eye”. He has tried to share that he is the one who has done the artwork on Justin Bieber’s arm. He has also requested his Instagram’s contacts to believe his achievements. In the picture shared by the tattoo shop’s Instagram account shows Justin Bieber in a white T-shirt and white baseball cap. He is standing next to the tattoo artist who is pointing to the ink to be used in crafting the tattoo on Justin’s arm.

Both Justin and the tattoo artist have shared the same picture in their respective Instagram accounts. The picture shared by Justin Bieber says a caption “Close up of @justinbieber arm.”


However, Justin is not the only celebrity who has become the client of NYC’s Bang Bang Tattoo. This tattoo maker has also served model Cara Delevingne to create a tattoo on her body. She got her tattoo done underneath her left foot and it read “Made in England”. Later the model shared her picture with the tattoo on her left foot in Instagram with a caption,”Made in England! Finally…@bangbangnyc”. Bang Bang also shared the picture of the model while getting the tattoo done with a caption, “And another one ❤ @caradelevingne”.

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