LSD Redux : A fusion of art and chemistry

scientific tattoo kW2uf 15648
Just like tattoos, the tattoo artists and those who have this body art are people of great imagination. This is seen here in this particular tattoo. It seems a whole diagram of chemical bonding has been presented. It is innovative and amazing at the same time. A whole concept of chemistry seems to merge with this craft of body art opening new dimensions of crafting new types of art in the body. We often see many theological, traditional and humanitarian tattoos; but to have symbolic representation of chemical bonding is really something unique.

We now can look forward for tattoos made of mathematical formulations or may be the whole logarithm table. You can have new discoveries in this form of art that is not going to limit itself in the selection of theme. You never know what these tattoo artists can come up with.
What a combination and a great bonding of a molecular arrangement and a bright idea. I would call it the perfect fusion of science and humanitarian imagination.

Via: Carlzimmer

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