V-RAD: Low-cost Tattoo Machine of Gen-next

vradChinese revolutionary manufacturing boom has triggered competition in the tattoo industry too. Cheap tattoo machines manufactured in China are slowly capturing the market in the western countries. Instigated, the CEO of Superior Tattoo Equipment, Mr. Vail, in his attempt to fight back, has introduced low cost machines. The old costly frame of the tattoo gun is replaced by a new glass-nylon frame. The new frame is lighter, compared with the older aluminum frame and has cut down the manufacturing cost too. The new V-RAD tattoo machine is tagged ‘Made in the U.S.A.’, another marketing advantage over foreign machines.

The best thing about V-RAD is that it doesn’t overheat during long inking sessions. Anyway, the artists may go for the cheap guns, but the bullets will be the same. The only difference made in the impact of the guns is the tattoo artists ability, doesn’t matter he is using a hi-tech machine or traditional tattooing tools.

Via: The New York Times

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