Lip tattoo that won’t let you forget the first love

lipstickonmycollertattoo 6TZPY 1822

If you think the mark you see in the picture above is a lipstick mark, then you’re wrong. It’s not lipstick mark as it seems to be at the first sight. It’s lips-shaped tattoo, certainly nothing less than a passionate kiss! The half-opened lips with not-so-uniformed color makes it look like a real kiss. It seems so fresh and lively that I feel as if its fragrance can be smelt very well. But it seems that this guy has much more attachment with his tattoo than you or I can understand. Perhaps for that reason, he chooses to ink it on neck which we all know is the most sensitive part of the body. That’s a novel way to keep the fire of love burning forever. Isn’t it?

Source: thaitattoostudio

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