Lindsay Lohan’s tattoos immortalized in print

lohan tattoo
Not that Lindsay Lohan’s body art is something that would even require special mention when you consider the sheer bounty of celebrity body art doing the round on the blogosphere, but in case you still want to see for yourself what the troubled singer/actress’ body art repertoire looks like you can check it out for yourself at a new photography exhibition at the Sky Terrace this Thursday onwards. Shot by from photographers Zach Hyman, Donna Santisi, and Gus Freedman, Lindsay is reported to have ‘hand-selected’ the prints herself to show off the ones she ‘feels represent the mood behind her tattoos.’ Her three known tattoos consist of “Breathe” on one wrist, ‘La Bella Vita,’ (meaning The Beautiful Life) on her lower back and a small star on her other wrist.

Source: All About Nobodies

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