Leave Behind The Myths And Learn How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

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Sometimes Tattoos becomes a disaster for us to carry it on our skin, you cannot bear it any more because of some emotional touch or because of its out datedness. Angelina Jolie who had earlier tattooed herself with her ex-husband’s name ‘Billy Bob’ on her arm got it removed later with the break down of the relation. Except for her there, are many others who are getting their tattoos removed or re-inked with new designs and colors.

Dr. Geoffrey Hilliard, a Plastic Surgeon with Personal Image Center in Cary reveals, “We probably have about 20 patients a month that undergo tattoo removal.” The maximum patients are between 25 to 45 years old.

He illustrated how the Tattoo removal procedure works: {you can also view the video to understand it with more detail.}

The process is bit painful

“What the laser tattoo removal does, because the ink is a different color than the surrounding tissues, certain wavelengths of light are absorbed preferentially and the tattoo ink will absorb the light, heat up and rupture the cells that are holding the ink particles.”

It requires six to eight laser treatments, which cost around $200 per sitting.

“There’s always some residual scarring, pigmentation that’s there.”

“Different colors and different types of tattoos obviously react differently to the lasers. The darker inks, the reds, the blacks, the blues are treated more successfully than the lighter colors, which reflect the light back, such as the yellows and the greens.”

I think by now you might be very clear in your mind about the tattoo removal process.


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