Kelly Osbourne: Drugs, depression and tattoos

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Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne is always in limelight, of course, not for good reasons as we all know, but in fact, the actress, singer and fashion designer daughter of the rock legend Ozzy Osbourne does not have to do anything fishy to get her share of fame.

Kelly sports eleven tattoos in all, you can check out the comprehensive list here, and freshly she has got a new tattoo that reads ‘I Love My Mommy’ in French across her back.

Recently, Kelly Osbourne threatened to break one of her fan’s fingers and again checked into a rehab. She frankly admits her addiction to Valium and Vicodin that are mainly causing dangerous mood swings; or is it in the genes with even Ozzy had notorious tryst with drugs and alcoholic brother Jack too is not far behind.

Image courtesy: Vanishing Tattoos


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