Joaquin Phoenix emerging as a hero after getting a ‘zero’ tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix flaunting the tattoos in the picture above are not real. He’s inked with only one tat and that too a very bad one. He inked himself with a ‘zero’ tattoo while vacationing in Italy as he wants to stay away form fashionable body art. Then why you had it all, my dear?

He explains, “I was in Florence and we had just been to the fashion week in Milan. Everybody had these Gaelic symbols that were about wisdom, things like that. I’d always dreamed about getting a tattoo but I didn’t want it to be a fashionable symbol. So I said, ‘Let’s get a ‘nothing’ tattoo.’ That’s why I have this badly drawn circle.’

And it hurts too, admits the actor. Anyway, right now the actor must be on a high after winning the Best Actor Golden Globe Award for the Johnny Cash biography “Walk the Line” in best musical or comedy film category. And now he’s vying for the Academy Awards too. All the best for Phoenix, but do get some real tats too and a good one.

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