Joanne Raine’s ‘Supermarket’ Tattoo: A goof up!

joanne raines supermarket tattoo 1

Planning to get yourself inked and that too in some other language? If yes, then I’ll suggest you to be really careful and make the tattoo artist very clear as to what exactly you want to get inked before or you’ll end up regretting getting tattooed. Joanne Raine, a teenage girl who wanted to get her lover’s nickname tattooed onto her stomach and after months found that Chinese inscription she had on her tummy actually spelled out the word ‘supermarket’.

As a symbol of the abiding love for her fiancee, Raine got her tummy inked taking it to be her lover’s nickname Roo. She read the Chinese symbols on the wall of Skindeep Tattoo Parlour, and chose a capital r, capital o and small o. She paid £80 to get the symbol of her love for her fiancee but tattoo removal being expensive matter, she can’t get her it removed. So, guys be careful while getting yourself tattooed so that you are not the one to face the same embarrassment as Raine.


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