‘It’s All About Parent’ Tattoo Trend

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Tattoos dedicated to family seem like the in-thing in the world of tattoo lovers! If you love your kid you must go for a tattoo that best expresses his/her name or portrait! Many celebrity moms and dads are seen with such forms of body art and they, inevitably, inspire all their fans. For instance, Angelina Jolie has inked the latitude and longitude of her children’s birth on her upper arm. Victoria Beckham, on her lower back, has put stars for each of her kids Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz! Daughter Hailie Jade finds a place on the arm of Eminem, whereas Johnny Depp sports the names of his kids on the arm and chest! And among many others is also Jeffrey Sebelia who has put a tattoo of his son Harrison Detroit’s name across his neck.

Even Shows like Inked and Miami Ink are encouraging tattoos of varied designs. Even though tattoos are not created merely sake of style, I’d like to believe that each tattoo has a story behind it. Parlors confirm that parents are coming for tattoos at an increasing rate and most of them prefer kiddo-tattoos. The designs range from footprints and handprints to teddy bears and disney princess while baby names remain the most common tattoos! What’s even more interesing is that some parents also love to have their kid’s artwork on them. Talk about parenting in the modern day world for tattoos are fast replacing the prominence of stretch marks on moms as the permanent reminders of childbirth! It’s interesting indeed and we, at least, have a reason for getting one trendy tattoo now!

Source: Offbeatink

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