IN FOCUS: Henna – The Indian Tattoo Mantra


Henna, also called Mehndi, is the conventional body art that is created with henna paste. The charm of it lies in the fact that it is temporary, painless, time saving, exotic, and colorful. Apart form tattooing, henna is also used as skin and hair conditioner.

Easy to prepare henna paste can take form of skin glowing art designs you have never dreamt of. Just crush the leaves, flowers, and twigs of the henna plant and grind all into a fine powder, mix it with hot water and your paste is ready to apply. Dress your skin with the paste and apply some lemon juice and sugar to bring out its luster in its full glamour.

Remember, the longer you leave the paste, the darker will be the tattoo. Scrap off the dried paste and your tattoo is ready to rock the skin. Avoid black henna, it can cause blisters.

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