How to make a fake tattoo

Tattoo has become an obsession and a craze for many people. For some it has become a permanent ornament for decorating their body. Permanent tattoos are made by injecting ink on the upper layer of the skin. But be careful and make your decision wisely because once you imprint that permanent tattoo on your body it stays forever. Permanent tattoos can be removed but the method is a little expensive, so to be on the safe side go for a temporary tattoo.Temporary tattoo will last for a few days and will fade off easily without any expense so if you are fed up and got bored of your age old tattoo you can remove it without any pain. One good thing about fake tattoo is that you can choose the tattoos depending on the occasion and need not take the crucial pain while getting a permanent one. Read the steps given below to find out how to make a fake tattoo.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 10–15 minutes

Estimated cost: $2–$4

Resources required:

  1. Tattoo art
  2. Tracing paper
  3. Tattoo pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Deodorant (alcohol based)
  6. Black fine-point permanent marker
  7. Color fine-point permanent marker
  8. Alcohol
  9. Cotton swabs, clear makeup powder
  10. Makeup brush


  1. Choose your design: Go to a tattoo parlor,website or a craft store and find your favorite design you want on your body or you can always create one if you are artistic enough. Draw out the tattoo design you always dreamed off. Black and white color suits best.
  2. Trace the picture: Trace your favorite art into a tracing paper using a tattoo pencil and cut out the image traced leaving an inch space around the edges.
  3. Pick your spot: Apply deodorant on that part of the body where you want to apply tattoo and press the tracing paper, ink side down on that spot firmly until all the image in the paper is on your body.
  4. Outline the image: Remove the tracing paper and give an outline to your tattoo with a black fine-point permanent marker to make the image more darker.
  5. Spray alcohol: Dip an end of the swab in the alcohol and rub it over the tattoo so that your tattoo gets that faded look like that of a real one. Start rubbing from the edges and move to the center of the image.
  6. Apply translucent powder: Use a makeup brush to apply any kind of translucent face powder over the tattoo, so that it appears to look beneath the skin giving the real tattoo effect.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the different types of temporary tattoo that look like real tattoos and will last for a long period?

An airbrush tattoo is water resistant so it can last up to a week if properly looked after. Henna is another option, though it does not look like an actual tattoo it will last for at least a month but can be done only in dark brown or reddish color rather than black.

Quick tips:

  1. The fake tattoo will last three or four days if not scrubbed.
  2. Outline the tattoo after applying the alcohol with a black marker for darker edges.
  3. While coloring the tattoo with permanent marker do not completely color in to the center as there are chances of the ink spreading.

Things to watch out for:

Do not apply the tattoo over uneven or broken skin.

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