Hello Kitty Tattoo on forehead; yeah WTF!

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Cute is the word thrown at me with a Hello Kitty Tattoo. Well I throw back moron! Anyhoo, I can’t think of any one place where you should ink this evil feline, but then some people love her like anything. But no amount of love could explain a Hello Kitty Tattoo on someone’s forehead. A drinking binge and a numb visit to a tattoo parlor thereafter is the only explanation for something like this. I can’t think of anyone inking the damn kitty smack in the middle of his forehead but then who knows what the feline is capable of. That’s one perfectly good forehead wasted right there. On second thoughts though looking at this guy’s stoned look, horrible teeth and ugly eye makeup, maybe a freakin tattoo is the least of problems on his head.

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