Get inked with religious tattoo sleeves

Religious Tattoo

Getting tattoo sleeves are the coolest thing which is available for the tattoo lovers right now. For now, the tattoo sleeves are just not available with the celtic sleeves but your religious feeling now can also take a shape of a tattoo. And this choice of yours might be fulfilled by religious tattoo sleeves. Actually, tattoos are a mode to express your feelings or say, your emotions to the outer world. It’s said that out of the thousands of tattoos, religious tattoos are loved by the most.

Evidence in history is a proof of it, in 1891, a mummy was discovered which had tattoos all over its arms, legs & underneath the belly button. Hence the relationship is evident that getting inked on sleeves was there in early years as well. Even today we find people opting in for spiritual tattoos without being a religious leader or a priest.

Religious tattoos, good or bad?

Mother mary with Jesus

As said earlier religious tattoos are actually not an art of modern days, it was started days back. The main difference was just that earlier a religious leader or a priest use to have spiritual tattoos but for now, that qualification is not so necessary. These tattoos have become a medium to express your religious feelings, and why not, everyone has the right to follow and respect his/her religious feelings. So why not use religious tattoos.

Some of the religious tattoos in vogue

Christian tattoos

Cross Tattoo
One can easily make out that an individual is a Christian, if he/she is having a cross mark on his body. Aside from that, Christianity can also be made out by the figure of Christ, Mary, angles and the saints.

Buddha tattoos

Buddha Tattto

To get an idea, the religion of the person that too with the help of his/her tattoo, it’s not so difficult job to do. As for Buddhists, the image of a lotus, image of Buddha or a dharma wheel are most common.

OM tattoos

Om Tattoo

The most common tattoo for Hindus, Om tattoo and one of the popular tattoos among the segment. A distinct mark on an individual in a shape of OM is enough to say that the person belongs to Hinduism.


Religious tattoo sleeves are just not to show that one is having a tattoo, and not necessarily if you put it on, it is taken in a bad or a negative attitude. By the religious tattoo sleeves you can even express yourself, at the same time you can show your praise and appreciation to your own belief/God.

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