Geek Squad Tattoo- Justin Mead loves his job!

geeksquadtattoo Nw6KC 1822

Okay, this one is for all you geeky guys out there who love their job. Geek Squad tattoo! Justin Mead is a Geek Squad Agent who simply loves his job. To express his devotion, he has got a Geek Squad logo tattooed on his arm.

justin geeksquad tattoo ZGlkl 1822
Someone asked Justin a very smart question-‘What happens if you get fired/quit?’ His answer to this question was:

No matter what happens between myself and the company, I will ALWAYS be proud of everything that I have done for The Geek Squad. I stand behind the companies founding principles of customer service above all else, and I fight every day to protect the brand that I have well, branded on my arm.


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