Extraordinary 3D body paintings and tattoos that impress

Body paintings and tattoos have become a major part of fashion. These art forms come in a bag full of variety, including 3d images. Let us have an insight into some extraordinary 3d paintings and tattoos that can fill you with excitement and joy.

Third eye

Sandra Holmbom

Image Source : Static.BoredPanda.Com

Have you ever thought of having a third eye? A Swedish make up lover Sandra Holmbom gave an illusionary look of eyes on the lips. The designer has beautifully designed the iris, delicate eyelashes and the cornea. The moment mouth is opened; it creates a mind boggling effect and sometimes frightens the little children.

Spider man


Image Source : Fukarf.Com

A man had got a 3d tattoo done on his chest that represented the torn skin and a spider crawling on its web. The tattoo specifically gave the impression of formation of a spider man. What an amazing piece of art it is.

Hand painting

Hand painting

Image Source : Static.BoredPanda.Com

Hands painted giving the impression of a banana peel is an outstanding work by the most talented London based body painter, Annie Ralli. The hand illusion was created for an advertising campaign held for Ecclesiastical Insurance. Annie thought this design to be ideal for the campaign as the byline of the company read as “You are in good hands.”

Anchor struck on the foot

Anchor struck on the foot

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

The anchor 3d tattoo gives a painful look of anchor struck on the foot and blood coming out of the wound. Everything appears so natural that at a point you can feel the pain too.

Man peeping out from the back

This body paint is one of the best works done by Choo San that shows a man peeping out through the spinal cord with a smile on his face. Choo liked painting strange things on her eyes and hands and very soon her sketches turned into characteristic and viral drawings.

Face tattoo at the back

3d face tattoo

Image Source : Askideas.Com

A 3d face tattoo at the back looks fascinating. This tattoo has a face belonging to a woman with her eyes looking down sadly. Every emotion has been so beautifully portrayed that it gives a perfect look with an immense feel.

Complete body paint

Complete body paint

Image Source : IlikeToWasteMyTime.Com

Alexe Meade has developed unique technique of applying acrylic paint on the entire body thereby creating the best 3d and 2d scenes. Body painting is not new but Alexe’s outstanding work expresses style in her paintings and this is what makes her different from the others.

The 3d paintings and tattoos have become a trend to either express your feelings and emotions or to have a unique and surprising look that differentiates you from others.

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