Erl Van Aken – An extreme body artist

erl van aken

They say for some the world is a canvas to their imagination but clearly for some like Erl Van Aken, it is their body. Embellished from head to toe with piercings and chunks of jewelery Aken is truly a sight to watch. He bears several of the first known piercings such as his namesake ‘the Erl’ — a bridge piercing passing horizontally through the fleshy part between the eyes above or at nose level — and a large bipedicle flap created on his stomach –a procedure which allows a ‘handle’ to be created coming off of the body. Quite an idea, must say. A big fan of the kangaroo, huh Aken? If one cannot get the pouch might as well settle for the flap?

Apart from piercings, his tatoos are not less attractive, from mantras to patterns, you name it, he has it. This intense eagerness for art generated immense respect for him in the art community as not only has Erl worked as an art model, he is also an ordained non-denominational Priest, trained in stage combat and in exceptional physical shape.

Having done cameos in movies such as The Cableguy, Austin Powers, Thunderdome, and Blade (as Lord Von Esper), and appeared on TV shows such as Mad TV, The Single Guy, and even The Newlywed Game, Erl’s artistic pursuits have taken one full circle.

Here are some more interesting shots of this truly exceptional individual. 100% and concentrated Erl Van Aken, uninterrupted.

Via: LifeInTheFastlane

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