Enigma: A walking tattoo riddle

enigma2Life is a puzzle. This is what The Enigma wants to portray. Sideshow performer The Enigma is a walking blue riddle. Lip and ear piercings and horn implants on his forehead give the tattooed Enigma a fiendish look. His wife Katzen herself tattooed him and helped him to transform into an enigmatic personality. She too is covered with tiger stripes.

enigma1The jigsaw puzzle pieces are delicately and exquisitely inked on his body. It was an outcome of years of hard work, dedication and passion. At the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention in 1995, the Enigma set a world record by having 22 different tattoo artist work on him simultaneously.

Now this is what we call endurance.

Check out the Enigma and Katzen interview

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