Doz’s ‘ Snake on a Plane’ Tattoo

Is this person on nuts or what? He is Jim Dozier (Doz) who is the first one to tattoo his left arm with Snakes on a Plane.

You might be thinking that he has cinematic obsession, but here you are wrong like me buddy. Doz got this tattoo made on 22nd July, which was a month before the release of the movie (Snakes on a Plane) and he saw this movie on 17th August. He got this tattoo inked because he thought it would be fun to do that and be a geek that did it. He is least bothered about how the movie did on the box office and he has no tint of repentance for his tattoo.

I would never like to have fun of this kind. I am a big film buff but tattooing my body for any will be absurd. However, to some of you this might come as a cool idea with what to ink your body!

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