David Beckham Shows His New Angelic Tattoo

david beckham shows his new angelic tattoo 49

David Beckham is not a new face on our Tattooblog. His tattoo craze has made him off-lately appear on Tattooblog. Recently he showed of his new latest ink on his right forearm. Tattoo appears to be a continuation of the angel and clouds scene he already has further up his arm. Now the new tattoo of appears like a guardian angel engulfed in flames.

It is said that Becks has used tattoos to express his mind.

It took a session of six hours to complete this angelic tattoo on his arm. The tattoo includes words from a Roman poem, which sources believe are a message to
people who have slammed his talent. Translation of the tattoo read: ‘Let them hate as long as they fear.’

Beckham is struggling with his form at Real Madrid for long now and off late has been out of action with injury – though the midfielder is moving to MLS this summer owing to his chocolate image more than his soccer ability. He unveiled his new tattoo while cheering on Real Madrid on Sunday.

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