Ink it like Beckham: David gets a new tattoo!

beckham hWk73 1822

What’s common between Angelina Jolie and football star David Beckham? Yups, tattoos! Beck never seems to get enough of tattoos like he is on his way to give Angelina a strong competition. Guess what? He has got himself inked again. To add to his fit body is yet another tattoo of a biblical proverb written in Hebrew on his left arm. The tattoo quotes My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.This is his second Hebrew proverb inked, the first one being, I am my beloved and my beloved is mine on his left arm. However, his wife Victoria is not too pleased with her husband’s addiction to body art. But Beck seems to be strongly addicted to tattoos and his love seems to be ever increasing. Tattoo fanatics, as you all know, are impossible!


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