Celebrities who have ‘secret’ tattoos on their body

As many people like to decorate their bodies with tattoos, celebs also like to do so. While many celebs have tattooed their bodies, they really like to show it off to the world. Some other celebs have tattoos that they prefer to keep discreet.

Below are some such celebs that have collected inks on their bodies but like to keep it a secret.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt takes the boys for a helicopter ride.

Image Source : VanishingTattoo.Com

Brad has many done many tattoos on his body, some of which he keeps hidden. Brad hardly shows this tattoo. This tattoo is not a creation of some tattoo artist, but his wife Angelina Jolie. Brad never discussed this tattoo, but Angelina did, and revealed that she made this tattoo while they were sitting idle and she wanted to draw something on Brad’s back. Brad hardly shows off this tattoo, but as it is a permanent one, and people are likely to see it.

Reese Witherspoon

EXCLUSIVE:  Reese Witherspoon Shows Off New Tattoo in Bikini in Hawaii

Image Source : PopSugar-Assets.Com

Reese does not look like one who is fond of tattooing, but she has one. It seems like she does not like showing off her tattoo, as she never ever discuss about it. Many people have not seen this tattoo of her, but it was captured while she was spending time with her family on a beach. As she likes to keep it a secret, people do not really know what the tattoo represents.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

Image Source : VanishingTattoo.Com

This amazing singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actor is also one of those celebs that has a secret tattoo. Mandy once made this tattoo, which is a heart at the foot. Mandy Moore made this tattoo because she wanted to represent her inner rebellious rock star, which did not work out for her later on. Now Mandy does not like to reveal it to the world anymore.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Tattoo At Coldwater Park 11/38

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

Out of all the tattoos Jessica has on her body; she does not show much tattoo that is on her back. Jessica has a bow at her lower back, which people do not get a chance to see much. She also has one other tattoo, which is a Sanskrit word for Lotus at her inner wrist that she hardly shows off to the world.

Tattooing body and showing it off to the world is common. Some other people like to make tattoos and rather than showing it to the world, they like to keep it a secret.

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