Celebrities who had regrettable tattoos removed

Once these tattoos were a prized possession of these celebrities, the winds of change mad them regret later on. Read on to find out who removed which tattoo.

Mark Walberg

Mark Walberg

Image Source : Cdn.Scahw.Com.Au

This dude has done pretty nasty things in his younger days. He even served a 45 days jail term for hitting two Vietnamese guys. He had a tattoo of Mob Marley on his arm sometime back. Another one was of Sylvester, not Stallone but the cartoon character that we see with ‘Tweety’. He probably regretted these tattoos to get some serious roles and hence got them erased.

Britney Spears

Kabbalah tattoo

Image Source : JudiciaryReport.Com

Oops! She did it again. How often can we relate that to Britney? Very often? You seem to be tracking her, it’s not your fault, she is trying to be in the spot somehow. She had a tattoo at the back of her neck in her hey days, a Kabbalah tattoo. Well, Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical school of thought. This is what it meant, “responsibility for everything in her life and accepting she can heal herself in all ways.” It was in 2008, she probably realized that it was too much of wisdom for her, so she got rid of it.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Image Source : CloudFront.Net

How can we forget the sizzling scene from “Wild Things” and the Playboy issue she featured in? The big implants that she got really helped, you know what I mean. She married Charlie Sheen in 2002, although they had met for the first time way back in 1991. The hot Denise had a “Charlie” tattoo on her body. That was expected to be a regret after their divorce in 2006. They had tried to reconcile, but that was a failed attempt. Instead of removing the tattoo she hid it under another tattoo, cute little fairy.

Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob

Image Source :  FunkyTrend.Com

Now that she has six children, three adopted and three with Brad Pitt, her life must be pretty busy. She is apparently the highest paid actress in Hollywood and together with Brad Pitt they form one of the most influential couple in tinsel town. Obviously, there is no room for Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton in her life, her ex-husbands. The tattoo saying “Billy Bob” on her arm was removed, good riddance.

It is probably easy to say, “No regrets,” but all of us do have something or the other to regret in life. If not much, at least these tattoos were a regret for these celebs. Good for them that they got rid of them.

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