Brandon Boyd’s artwork get transformed into Tattoo art

incubus inspired tattoo gY68V 5965

Jason made some amazing contribution to the art of Brandon Boyd. The concept of transforming Brandon Boyd art into tattoo was offered by a customer. Chris wanted something very innovative with his arm and he offered artwork of Brandon to this tattoo artist. Jason was highly inspired by Brandon Boyd’s artwork and agreed to do the tattoo on the inside bicep of Chris. Jason being a great artist himself reworked the original drawing and modernised it to a great extent. He added his own blaze to this fantastic artwork of Brandon and gave it an entire new look. The craft took 4 hours to complete. The experiment was a success and the beholder must appreciate it. This is what is called an absolute fusion of trend with tradition. It is really the best way to rejuvenate the art; every time it demands a change.

Via Jasonclaydunn

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