Beckham suffering from ‘tattoo obsessive compulsive disorder’

david ocd
David Beckham confesses that he’s suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder with respect to tattoos and fears that one day he could end up inked from head to toe. He just can’t stop thinking of inking again and again. He’s addicted to the needles and the pain gifted to him by his twelve tattoos that include the names of his three children, an angel on his back, cross on the back of his neck and also Victoria’s wrongly spelt name on his arm.

Though Victoria has asked him not to go under the needle again, he just can’t stop and is devoured by the sensation of being tattooed.

David says:

I know it sounds weird but I actually enjoy the pain (of tattoos). Victoria’s not keen on me having many more but they are addictive. I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs.

David’s obsessive compulsive disorder doesn’t stop here. He counts the number of cans in his fridge, his clothes, place magazines in straight lines and symmetrical patterns, always wear a new pair of boots for every match, spend lot of time straightening the furniture in his house, and also reported to buy exactly 20 packets of Super Noodles on his each visit to the supermarket.


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