Bar Code Tattoos

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Choose your own Bar Code and be original. Yes! As you know bar code tattoo are prevalent since Nineties. And, I think they are one of the coolest.

Today, I found good news for those whom want to get one inked on themselves but want to see someone inked first in it! If you could not find anyone then you can use these temporary tattoos by Shop SCAD. You can check out its appearance and satisfy your urge for these tattoos, then go in for a permanent bar code tattoos.
bar code tattoo 49

It sounds cool that these can be used as testers before going in for a permanent tattoo as we do the same before shopping for nail enamels or lipsticks.

Each pack comes with all six phrases: SLAVE, HUMAN, TATTOO, PRODUCT, FOR SALE, SCAN ME. These medically approved tattoos goes for $5 online and it is very simple to apply them just like a sticker.


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