Anti-Doping Tattoo war against drugs

mr  bean bike A9RY7 17620

What is your idea of a doping-free tattoo? Damiano Cunego’s arm-tattoo says ‘I am doping free’. Don’t take it lightly guys, he is indeed committed to clean racing. I doubt if a tattoo is capable keeping things clean, but why not, if you are committed to that. After all a tattoo is a mark forever. Isn’t it interesting that Damiano Cunego has joined an anti-doping campaign, along with others having ‘X’- symbolic for no drugs – inked on their arms. And who is leading the campaign? Your favorite Mr. Bean, I mean Rowan Atkinson is going to play the role of Floyd Landis in a Hollywood movie based on the doping case against the star cyclist. Landis is utterly depressed after losing the Tour de France, 2006 and finds a ray of hope in the coming project. Mr. Atkinson is the role model for this anti-doping campaign and Cunego has also joined the group. So what tattoo dear Atkinson has chosen for the cause. Let’s see.

Source: BikeSnob NYC

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