Amy Winehouse marks traumatic rehab with ugly tattoo

amy tattoo
I guess having to go to rehab and having to miss all the fun Grammys pre- and after-parties have really taken a great toll on poor old Amy Winehouse since that is the only explanation I can think of to explain her yucky new American eagle behind a stars-and-stripes ankh cross tattoo. We understand that the Egyptian hieroglyph symbol of the ankh cross which means eternal life could be so inspirational and soul-stirring when you’re stoned but since its on hr back, we fail to see the whole point of it. Maybe she got it done to entertain her guests the next time she throws a lets-get-high bash at home! Sources say the singer got the tattoo in an attempt to boost her confidence to get over her drug addiction and the trauma of her husband’s jail sentence. I still don’t see how having that ugly a sketch permanently inked on skin can help her cause!

amy tattoo2

Source: 7 Confession Gossip

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