Amy gears for a new symbolic Feather Tattoo

Amy gears for a new symbolic Feather Tattoo

Amy Winehouse is all set to add a new tattoo of a Native American eagle feather, which she believes will give her strength and protect her while husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in jail. The
‘Rehab’ singer considers that the tattoo to be etched across her shoulders will boost her confidence and help her concentrate more in her career. According to
a source

Amy already has a Native American feather on her inner arm because it symbolizes courage, strength and spirituality but she somehow feels it let her down as she has lost her courage and strength. So she has asked a well-known tattooist in Camden Town, north London, to design a much bigger one for her shoulders. The feather is symbolic to Native Americans of prayers rising to the heavens.

Amy already has a number of body art etched on her body, which includes a shirt pocket with the word ‘Blake’s’ on her chest, several etchings of women and hearts on her arms. We really hope that this tattoo gives Amy the desired strength and luck!

Image byMike Kelly
Via: Exposay

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