A Word with Isobel Varley – The World’s Most Tattooed Senior Woman

isobel varley

There is no age to get a tattoo and Isobel Varley, 69, is the name to prove this fact as a retiree. In 2000, Mrs. Varley was recognized by the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Most Tattooed Senior Woman” and still she holds this title. She lives in Stevenage, a small town north of London, where she grew up but travels to tattoo conventions around the world. She is a simple homemaker like any of you but her tattoos have made her stand apart from the mob.

isobel varley the worlds most tattooed senior woma

Know more about this great lady in the following interview:

Disha Singh: At the age of 49 you got your first stroke, wasn’t it too late?

Isobel Varley: No, one can start at any age but starting to cover the body fully at too early an age can be a bad idea as it is probable that one’s taste will change as the years go by.

tattoos of isobel varley

Disha: Some people call you ‘crazy’ what do you have to say to them.

Isobel: It’s my body and I believe that I can do what I like with it and it really does not bother me what people think. However, I do not attempt to force my views on tattooing on others as tattoos are a personal choice.

Disha: Who is Isobel apart from being ‘The World’s Most Tattooed Senior Woman.’

Isobel: I am an ordinary housewife who does all the things that housewives do.

head tattoo of isobel varley

Disha: Tattooing is a growing fad among the new generation, what tips do you have for them.

Isobel: It is important that any person considering having a tattoo has given it lots of thought as to whether it is right for them. Also, if a person is having several, it is not a good to idea to have just small ones, as the area finishes up just an untidy mess.

Disha: On which part of your skin would you never get a tattoo? Have you ever faced any allergy en route of tattoos?

Isobel: I doubt whether I will have anything, significant added to my face as it may repulse some people. I have been fortunate in not having an allergy problem from tattooing ever.

favorite tattoo of isobel varley

Disha: Of all the tattoos cast on your body, which one do you cherish the most? Why and what does it symbolize.

Isobel: The tattoo that I cherish the most is the group of tigers on my stomach as I am very fond of wild animals.

Disha: Who is your favorite tattoo artist and why. Which tattoo artist has inked you the most?

Isobel: In general, I have only got work from tattooist whose work I respect and I would not like to single out any particular artist. I think Brent from Dunstable has done the most work on me and I thank him for encouraging me to go for large work.

hand tattoos of isobel varley

Disha: How did you approach a new tattoo? Were these tattoos your own suggestions or you just walked-up without a thought and let your artist do whatever he/she wanted to.

Isobel: In deciding on what tattoo work I had next, I would give the artist an idea of what I wanted and then leave it to him to select the design.

Disha: Tattoos are quite expensive can you tell us how much have you spent till date.

Isobel: I have spent approximately £20,000 ($41,144.25).

feet tattoos of isobel varley

Disha: Finally, any tattoo regrets?

Isobel: I have no regrets about being tattooed or any tattoo chosen.

Disha: To conclude, I would like to know your outlook about Tattooblog.

Isobel: Tattooblog is well presented and very interesting.

Thanks alot Isobel!

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