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Crappy Tattoo Of The Day

Celebrities joining the list of crappy tattoo of the day

Tattoos have become famous all across the world. Starting from celebrities to common person, everybody wants to flaunt a tattoo. Tattoo artists from all across the world are being benefited by the craze of having a tattoo. Although people are getting some good and classy tattoos, many of them come in the list of having the creepiest tattoos of all time. Even some of the renowned celebrities are having tattoos, which the world thinks as crappy, and wired.  Pictures of celebrities highlighting their weird tattoos are all over the internet in different web portals. Some of the websites are specially designed for making a list of those celebrities who are have crappy tattoos. Along with this, the websites promote these tattoos as tattoo of the day by putting up celebrities in their list.

Starting form Cher, the singer, her tattoo is considered the crappiest of all times, as she has them on her butt. Designed in shape of wings, it is not as cool as she thinks it is. Another crappy or weird tattoo, which has been posted on crappy tattoo of the day, was of Brad Pitt. The tattoo, which Pitt portrays, is just lines in haphazard manner without any meaning on his lower back. People are still wondering why he has those. Jenna Jameson has a mess on her back. The tattoos, which she is having, are not of any point by which you can understand them. The renowned rapper and singer Jamie Foxx has a tattoo on the back of his head. It might be cool for him, but not for others. Reggie Miller, the renowned NBA player even has a crappy tattoo, which is inked, on his navel.

Ever heard of having the logo of shoe company being inked, well it is the case of Stephen Marbury who has the M tattooed on his temple. Tribal blobs on the lower back of Anastasia are again marked in the list of crappy tattoo of the day. Fred Dust the singer has always been in the list of crappy tattoo of the day as he has inked the lord of pop, Elvis and Curt Cobain. Don Vito has also been inked on the leg of Bam Margera, the renowned skateboarder. Stevo, the comedian, has his self-portrait inked on his back, which topped the list of crappy tattoo of the day. Along with this, while one checks the web portals, they would be able to find more crappy tattoos that are tattooed by the celebrities and commoners.


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