Your primer to Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing is known by a variety of names, including construction piercing and scaffold piercing. Most commonly it is called bar piercing because the two pierced holes are connected by a piece of jewelry, which is in the form of a bar.

How is bar piercing done?

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Bar piercing is done in the ear, two holes are created for the piece of jewelry in the ear cartilage. Mostly, one of the pierce is on the upper cartilage of the ear, with a close proximity to the head. The other hole is created on the opposite side of the cartilage, so that the piece of jewelry is aligned diagonally.

The piercer marks two spots on the ear cartilage and before piercing them he would usually show you how the jewelry would look like. This is the time when you can make any alterations in the piercing locations. I am sure you don’t want multiple holes in your ear cartilage. After the decision is taken, the piercer will insert a sterilized needle (now a days they use a single use needle) through the lower hole to the upper one. The piece of jewelry is secured by screwing beads or other fancy pieces on both ends.

Choosing a piercing studio

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It is essential that you take care in choosing the piercing studio. Start with checking on the internet, make sure to enquire about their reputation. Most tattoo studios also offer piercing these days, if you or any of your friend’s have got a tattoo from a nearby studio and are satisfied with their services, reach them for the piercing. The most important thing to inquiry is the hygiene procedure that they follow.

Industrial piercing requires a skill full artist with a good amount of experience. The procedure is painful and bleeding is also common. Make sure the piercer is familiar with everything in the process, including handling bleeding and causing minimum pain.

Some precautions

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A professional and reputed artist will walk you through the process, so that you are at ease and are aware of what is going to follow. Ensure that the artist is following the hygiene protocol. The area of piercing needs to be cleaned and disinfected before and after the procedure. Remember to take instructions for after care and if he has some written material on it, do not hesitate to collect it.

An industrial pierce can take up to 3-4 weeks or even a month or two to heal completely. When you look in the mirror and your friends want to know where you got it from, you would realize it is worth the pain and effort.

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