What’s the right age for your first tattoo?

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The opinion about whether it is better to get tattooed or not, varies with people. However, getting a tattoo is no longer a taboo as it once was. More people are getting a tattoo than they ever were. Nevertheless, while getting a tattoo age is something that you should keep in mind. Since tattoo is going be a permanent part of your body, not only would it affect your personally, but might have an impact on your social relations as well.

How young is too young?

How young is too young

Legally, in most of the states, you can get tattoo once you turn 16, with parent’s permission of course. But in some states like Oklahoma, it’s illegal before 18. So, if you are getting it before it, then maybe you should start looking for criminal attorney Tulsa.

On the other hand, if you’ve just achieved the legal age and are thinking whether you should get a tattoo or wait a little, keep these following things in mind before you proceed.

5 – Things to consider before getting the first tattoo

1. Social Considerations


When you are in college, you won’t feel any negative consequence because of getting a tattoo. However, the same might not be true when you are looking for work. Having too conspicuous tattoos might limit your prospects in many fields like healthcare, teaching, law enforcement, military, etc. So, if you are imagining a future in any of these, it would be better to postpone your decision.

2. The right spot

Tattoos like at the back of your neck, on your thighs,calves, or inner arms aren’t too visible. By making minor changes in your wardrobe, you can hide/show them whenever you like. These aren’t likely to affect your life in any way, so you can go forward with them without any qualms of conscience. Getting one on your face or hands is a bad option as these are too visible. Whereas getting one on your belly isn’t a good option either, as it would turn bad if you gain weight or get pregnant.

3. Reason behind that tattoo

Reason behind that tattooDon’t get a tattoo to commemorate your newly found love of your life or your recent breakup. Most probably, things would change as you grow older and you’ll eventually get over all these. However, if you get a tattoo of the same, it might become a painful reminder of things you actually want to forget. Keep pondering over your reason behind getting a tattoo for at least a month, before actually getting one.Feel free to ask the opinion of others too.


4. The pain

Just in case nobody told you, it really hurts to get a tattoo. But, for the most part, it depends upon how sensitive you are to pain and on what body part you are getting the tattoo. While a tattoo on your calves, shoulder or inner wrist won’t hurt that much, getting one on your lips, armpit, stomach or hips could be extremely painful. So, decide accordingly.

5. The money

tattooDepending upon how big the tattoo is and who you are getting it from, it could cost anywhere from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you are still in college, this could mean quite a lot. So, if you don’t have enough money, it’s better to postpone the idea than to get a cheaper job from an immature artist.

Final Words

Deciding to get a tattoo is less a matter of age and more about maturity. We advise you that you get it at a time when you are stable in your lives and that too after careful planning. As tattoos are forever, it is always better if you put in some effort to make them worth it.

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